Empire Ag Imagery provides plane-based green NDVI, enhanced color, and high definition natural color aerial imagery to improve crop production and environmental stewardship in New York as a dealer for AgPixel®Empire Ag Imagery is also developing many specialized products such as variable rate nitrogen prescriptions, soil management zone identification, plant population counts, and others in collaboration with land grant universities, agribusinesses, and farmers across the state.

Our commercial rates for 2016 are $5/acre/flight for green NDVI imagery, NDVI field reports, enhanced color imagery, and synthesized natural color imagery. High definition natural color aerial imagery (an on-demand, up-to-date map similar to Google Earth) is available for $3/acre/flight. We require a minimum of 300 acres per flight for commercial clients in western NY. Acreage requirements for customers throughout the Northeast are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Custom quotes are available for smaller acreage and research projects. Volume discounts are given when a single flight exceeds 1,000 acres from all clients. Empire Ag Imagery has the capability to cover over 10,000 acres in a single day for larger scale needs as disease outbreaks, nutrient deficiencies, and other problems occur. Our imagery products are automatically geo-referenced, orthorectified, and are available for download less than 24 hours after flying the fields. 

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Green NDVI

NDVI Field Reports

Enhanced Color

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Our Research

Variable Nitrogen Prescriptions, Plant Counts, Soil Management Zones, Lima Bean Weed and Disease Management, Small Grain Phenotyping, Crop Nutrient Tissue Variation, Enhancing Crop Scouting, Case Studies, and More.


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