AirScout® Thermal Imagery™

  • Sensitive to 3/100° C – Shows where plants have a “stress fever” from any factor, biotic or abiotic
  • Reveals plant stress far sooner than reflective technologies – Reads bare soil conditions
  • Developed by a farmer, made to work like farmers want
  • Detects where to intervene against plant stressors weeks ahead of serious crop damage, not just days
  • Makes ground truthing faster, easier, more accurate
  • Estimates yields up to 30 days earlier than any other method
  • Creates precision treatment files to drive VRT equipment
  • Invaluable for planting, during growth, at harvest, for cover crops
  • Monitor field conditions throughout the year for erosion, tile line leaks, more

AirScout® ADVI™ Imagery

  • Advances standard NDVI imaging technology to the next level
  • Myriad colors for higher resolution, more detailed images compared to NDVI
  • Reads relative nutrition needs in fields by foliage reflectance
  • AirScout Prescription Tool puts applications decisions in your hands because you know your land better than anyone else
  • Creates precision “shape” files to drive all makes and models of VRT systems and equipment
  • Makes ground truthing faster, easier, more accurate for plant nutrition needs

AirScout® Visual Digital Imagery

  • Timely, high resolution digital images snap automatically to Google mapping coordinates, which are embedded in AirScout images
  • Excellent reference for a wide range of uses
  • Verification of crop conditions, spotting anomalies in your fields, lanes, around buildings
  • Images updated every two weeks, or with every AirScout flyover depending on your program or custom needs